Kim Kardashian Proves Her First Date with Kanye Was Straight-Up Perfection

Heart and Soul♫

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First dates are a bit nerve-racking. There's so much pressure to get it right, have the conversation flow, do something *interesting*—and it's no different for celebrities. Thankfully, Kanye and Kim have figured out the best thing to have around to totally crush it (in a good way). Enter: A giant-sized keyboard.

Our 1st date. #HeartAndSoul For the full video go to my app!

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The mom of two posted a video from her very first date with Kanye, and it seems the duo nixed a wining and dining situation for a good ol' trip to F.A.O. Schwarz where they tickled some (very large) ivories in a beautiful rendition of "Heart and Soul." (Yes, like the scene in Big. Just call Kim Tom Hanks.) 

Sad this didn't make it to a demo of some sort, but who knows what the future holds. 

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