Justin Bieber Finally Cut His Long, Luscious Hair

A moment of silence, please.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber departs Cutler Salon in New York with his new haircut
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In the event that you hadn't noticed due to Hailey Baldwin's ring blinding you, Justin Bieber's been sporting a sensual lion's mane of long hair all summer. Like, dude's hair is so long he's basically twinning with Hails.

Getty ImagesGotham

The '90s Brad Pitt vibes are real, and frankly Bieber looks excellent. The bad news? He just got a haircut. The good news? It's still pretty long. The better news? He seems to have PURPOSEfully (haha, get it) gotten the cut at a place with massive windows so the paparazzi could take pictures, meaning we've been blessed with the likes of this:

Getty ImagesGotham

And this:

Getty ImagesJames Devaney

And also this:

Getty ImagesJames Devaney

So, what does Bieber's hair look like now? Still amazing, just more slicked back.

Getty ImagesJames Devaney

In fact, this new style vaguely reminds me of Stephen Baldwin's hair in the '90s, which...

Getty ImagesTime & Life Pictures

Wait, oh my God, it gets better:

Getty ImagesRon Galella

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