See All of J.Lo's Vegas Concert Costumes, Which Are, for the Record, *So* J.Lo

A study in sparkles and sex appeal.

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On the first night of her Las Vegas residency, Jennifer Lopez did what J.Lo does best: sing, booty shake, and wear a Versace-designed wardrobe so sheer and glitzy (like, 260,000-plus Swarovski crystals glitzy) that Mariah Carey would be jealous. All the looks that have surfaced so far:

1. The Zuhair Murad Crystal Bra and Bikini Bottoms

…with feathered entrance coat:

…and without:

2. The Giant Lilly e Violetta Fur Coat (worn with that sparkly bikini, of course)

3. The Rainbow Mini Dress

…with matching, guest star Ne-Yo:

4. The Rose Bodysuit

It glistens:

5. The Metallic Jumpsuit With Matching Conical Hat

...complete with delightfully insane sleeves:

6. The Giant Projection-Screen Gown (a J.Lo classic) With a Zuhair Murad Star Bodysuit 

7. The Sparkly Pink Sweats

...accessorized with an army of hot baseball players:

8. The Zuhair Murad Blue Sparkly Dress

…turned corset:

...turned booty-shaking bodysuit:

9. The Sequined Red Dress


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