WHAT?! Justin Bieber Now Has a Face Tattoo

What is happening?!

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I don't even know what to say other than JUSTIN BIEBER JUST GOT A TATTOO ON HIS FACE. It's a tattoo on his face. I just keep repeating that to myself and I still can't believe it's true.

[instagram ]https://www.instagram.com/p/BFHuqjaAvoZ/[/instagram]

This isn't entirely out of nowhere. Earlier this year, Justin told GQ he'd consider a face tattoo when he got older. "Maybe when I'm really old, not super old, but maybe, like, 40s or 50s or something," he said. "One above my eyebrow or something small."

 It's so teeny tiny! I mean, he'll never be able to work retail anywhere that isn't Hot Topic, but it's not, like, hugely offensive. Mainly it just looks like an eyelash or some pen ink? 

Part of me hopes that the little speck on a tattoo is just the beginning a giant face dragon. It could be, right? Let us all cross our fingers and toes and pray for a better tomorrow.

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