Here's Kim Kardashian Enjoying Disneyland's Tower of Terror

Actually though, SHE HATES IT. (So do I, Kim, so do I.)

While on a family trip to Disneyland this week for lil Nori's third birthday, Kourtney Kardashian took Kim with her on the park's classic Tower of Terror ride. Kim hated it! She really hated it, and she's not afraid (well, she is afraid but that's semantics) to scream and cuss her face off as the fear of it all takes over. Kim would be the Kardashian who gets hysterical on coasters; enjoy the Instagram video below as proof. Let's hope there'll be a cryface ride photo to come also.

In conclusion, stick to the spinning teacups next time, Kim! Or just ride It's A Small World all day, you can't go wrong there.

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