This Is the Balmain Dress Kim Kardashian Was Wearing the Night North West Was Conceived

According to Olivier Rousteing.

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It's hard to imagine a time when Kim Kardashian wasn't dashing about in custom Balmain creations. Kim and Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing have been close friends for years, and he has considered her his muse since they met at the Met Gala in 2013.

During a takeover of the reality star's app this week, the designer shared his favorite KKW memories in a Q&A video. When asked to describe their first encounter in three words, Olivier answered, "I would say surprising, I would say electric, and I would say in love."

"It was during the Met Gala in New York in 2013. I saw her and from the first sight I was in love. We started sharing so many things about our background and a lot of fun and we went deeper into conversation, and I knew from that moment that she would become my muse."

And muse she became. Kim has since become the unofficial leader of the Balmain Army, always supporting Olivier from the front row at Fashion Week and on the red carpet at A-list parties and events.

In the video, Olivier went on to recall some of the memorable occasions for which he dressed Kim. He spoke of the Marie Antoinette-inspired diamond and pearl-encrusted mini dress he created for her bachelorette party in 2014, the edgy red column gown she wore at the 2015 Grammys Roc Nation party, the Yeezy collaboration he did with Kanye West for the whole Kardashian family, and the super-sexy sheer gown Kim wore this past September at the Balmain SS17 show in Paris shortly before her tragic robbery. (And this is only a small sampling of all her Balmain moments—she has done round-ups highlighting even more looks on her site, here and here.)

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One dress, however, has a particularly special story attached to it. It was the first dress Olivier ever made for Kim, created at Kanye's behest for her to wear to the Angel Ball in 2012. It must have been fate that they would all become so close, because it was on this particular night, in this particular Balmain dress, that Kim and Kanye began their family.

"[The first dress that I made for her] was a long, electric blue dress that Kanye requested. And you know what is the most amazing thing was about this dress," Olivier paused, hesitating. "I don't know if I can say it, but I'm going to say it. I'm sorry, Kim, I want to say it. It was the night North was conceived."

"I don't know if I can say—maybe it's a secret," he continued with a wry grin, "but I know that Kanye told me. So, I just want to share with you guys."

Kim did look stunning in the bold cobalt hue. And she and Kanye do look awfully in love. Plus, the timing is about right. The Angel Ball was on October 22, 2012 and North West was born (about six weeks premature due to Kim's preeclampsia) on June 15, 2013.

So maybe that's why little Nori has such an affinity for baby Balmain blazers

Though, Olivier also noted in the clip that the Balmain look he'd most like to see on North is this long, rope-y white dress that Kim wore in Cannes in 2014.

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What do you think? Can you see North all grown up one day in this Cleopatra-esque gown?

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