Alex Rodriguez Dorkily Dancing Along to Jennifer Lopez Rehearsing for Tour Is Everything

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    • A. Rod even tries to dance along, and hilariously and adorably fails to look cool in any way, shape, or form.

        It's been a looooong week, and it's not even Friday yet. So please allow me to cheer you up with a video of Alex Rodriguez dancing along, like the lovable goof he is, to Jennifer Lopez as she preps for her imminent It's My Party tour. The couple is so sweet and demonstrative, and chances are they're going to have a busy couple months (J. Lo's tour starts in early June, plus she's got a movie, the already iconic Hustlers, coming out in the fall). So they are making the very most of their time together. I really needed that, so thanks, A. Rod.

        Captioning the video "Trying out for the #JLoItsMyParty Tour! Think I got a shot? 🤔😂," the video has everything I need. J. Lo in the back, looking flawless per usual. A. Rod giving us some duck lips while he bounces along to the beat and tries (and fails) to mimic the dance moves. People in the background watching the ridiculousness unfold. I love every single thing about it. A. Rod also gave us more video in his Instagram Stories, in which there is more sexy dancing. A. Rod woofs with approval at the end of it—same, A. Rod.

        Here's the video:

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        You're welcome.

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