Chloë Grace Moretz Has Some More Stuff to Say About Kim Kardashian

Moretz also talks to Variety about being fat-shamed and dealing with sexism in the industry.

Okay, so really, the strangest Kardashian-Jenner social media fight of 2016 was the back-and-forth between Kim and Bette Midler. But! A close second was Kim's Twitter feud with Chloë Moretz over a naked selfie Kim had shared. If you'll recall, Moretz chastised Kim for sharing a nude photo of herself on Twitter instead of teaching girls the importance of "setting goals," and, taking no prisoners, Kim responded, "let's all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to twitter, since no one knows who she is."


(Moretz also got into it with Khloe Kardashian over Kim's internet-breaking "Famous" Snapchats. Later in 2016, Moretz told The Hollywood Reporter she regretted giving the Kardashians her attention.)

Now, over a year later, Moretz revisits the feud in Variety's Power of Young Hollywood issue, saying, "It's sad for [Kim] to reach out like that to a young woman. There's a lot of woman-on-woman hate." (This is a textbook of example of how to make more beef out of what's ostensibly a beef-squashing moment, and I'm here for it.)

On the flipside, Moretz, Variety explains, is all about "sisterhood." Her fellow actress and good friend Zoey Deutch is quoted in the piece saying some nice things about her thusly: "I think there's an assumption that all actresses are competitive, and maybe some are," Deutch told Variety. "But Chloë is so supportive almost to a degree that's unimaginable."

Aside from the Kardashian drama, Moretz also told Variety about a time she was fat-shamed on the set of one of her movies by a male costar:

"This guy that was my love interest was like, 'I'd never date you in real life,' and I was like, 'What?' And he was like, 'Yeah, you're too big for me'—as in my size," Moretz said. "It was one of the only actors that ever made me cry on set." Although she didn't reveal his identity, she said she was 15 at the time, and he was in his mid-20s."

Along with body-shaming, Moretz has also faced sexism in her industry. "Even if you're being paid equally, it's the little things, especially if the male lead is bigger than you," she told Variety. "You aren't listened to as much, and you take a backseat." And on one occasion, she says she lost out on a movie role because the studio had already cast one blond actress, and felt they couldn't have two. dye, people?! (And less sexist nonsense, please.)

Read Moretz's full Variety cover story here.

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