Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Surprise J.Lo's Son with a Goldendoodle

"I love my grandmama @JLo and granddaddy @Arod," the puppy says. 😂

  • Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez just surprised J.Lo's son with a goldendoodle puppy; video of the encounter was shared to J.Lo's Instagram account.
  • The puppy now has its own Instagram account, and the family are calling on fans to help them name him.
  • Lopez's twins, Emme and Max Muñiz, seemed delighted with the latest addition to their family.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez just expanded their family … with a furry new friend. The star of The Wedding Planner took to Instagram to share a sweet video with fans, in which her son, Max Muñiz, can be seen meeting his new goldendoodle puppy for the very first time.

Jennifer Lopez captioned the clip, "Welcome to the fam, @tbdpupofficial! We got Max this adorable lil golden doodle and we haven't named him yet! ✨What should we name this cutie!? Tyson or Yankee? All will be revealed soon! 🐶"

As noted by Lopez, Max's puppy now has his own Instagram account, and it's already filled with heart-melting family snaps. In one photo, Lopez and Rodriguez can be seen posing with Emme, Max, and their newest floof.

In another pic on the pup's account, Rodriguez can be seen snuggling up to the goldendoodle. "Can't wait for this guy to teach me how to play ⚾️! 🐶," the caption joked.

Both twins looked instantly taken with the gorgeous creature, who had help captioning a photo taken with Emme, which read, "I may be sleepy, but I sure do have the best Auntie in the world 🌎! 🐶"

In another hilarious post on the goldendoodle's Instagram, it was revealed that Lopez now considers herself a "grandmama," with the crew again calling on fans to help them choose a name, Tyson or Yankee, for their newest addition.

"Hi! I love my new family. Here is my daddy Max and Auntie Emme. I love my grandmama @JLo and granddaddy @Arod. I don't have a name yet ... what should it be? Tyson or Yankee?! 🐶," the caption read.

Amy Mackelden

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