Kim Kardashian's Bikini Pic Is Sending a Clear Message About Kanye West

I's not subtle.

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It was reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were heading for divorce a few weeks ago now, and since then the internet has been patiently waiting for an update amid endless reports that the couple are working out the details of their split. And while Kim Kardashian has said approximately nothing about her relationship with Kanye, she made it pretty clear that they're still on good terms with a...*checks notes*... bikini pic from vacation. Which, sure, how else does one send a subtle sartorial message to fans, ya know?

Kim posted a photo of herself perched on a wall, and she specifically decided to wear a pair of Yeezys for the shoot—which is a pretty clear show of support for Kanye and his brand.

If you're looking for the latest update on their allegedly impending divorce, a source told Us Weekly that Kim has been working with “her financial advisers to figure out an exit plan that would be best for her whole family.”

“Kim has had all of her and Kanye’s financials and properties ready to be split—it’s a very fair deal for everyone,” the source said. “Kim has all of her assets and financials ready for when she decides to file officially. Friends thought she was going to file in September, but she’s holding out. That does not mean that everything behind the scenes is already done.”

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