Martha Stewart Published a Nice Essay About Kim Kardashian, Which Is a Headline We Never Thought We'd Write

Can you feel the (not-as-random-as-it-seems) love tonight?

Martha Stewart
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Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively aren't exactly on her list of favorite celebrities, but Martha Stewart tolerates one wildly famous woman enough to write a persuasive essay about why she belongs on a list alongside Angela Merkel, Tim Cook, and Notorious RBG.

Kim Kardashian made Time's 100 most influential people roundup, and yes, they somehow corralled Martha Stewartprison name "M. Diddy," (opens in new tab) into explaining how K-Squared and her family are the paragons of modernity and industry and "today's Brady Bunch." Did Martha owe someone a favor? Did Kris Jenner ghostwrite it? Or wait—those people who did Kylie and Kendall's dystopian novel were probably available!

But if you think about it, Martha and Kim are actually kindred, entrepreneurial, polarizing, highly marketable spirits who became household names through grit and great management. You might not particularly like either of them, but you can't deny their success.

P.S. But Tilda Swinton's poem for Amy Schumer (opens in new tab) still wins.

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