"Am I Still on Fleek?" Kim Kardashian Writes a Letter to Her Future Self

"If you haven't broken the 100 billion mark on Instagram, I'll be very disappointed. Bible."

She has made us laugh. She has drawn our ire by daring to go outside with shorter hair on a Friday night. But until now, Kim Kardashian has never publicly raised the sort of deep existential questions one asks oneself while shampooing or sitting alone on the couch at 5 a.m.

In a video accompanying her Glamour cover shoot, the occasional outfit-repeater narrates a thoughtful Google doc to 2025 Kim Kardashian, in which she acknowledges the ticking-time-bomb-ness of her cultural relevancy and hopes for her family's happiness. (I am not making this up.) For Khloé, she wants true love. For Kendall, supermodel stardom. For Kylie, freedom to be Kylie. And for herself, a "mysterious and delicious green juice to keep you tan forever."

I think I just felt...a feel. Watch it below.

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