The World Is Imploding? Kim Kardashian and Hillary Clinton Took a Selfie Together

We...thought you should know.

Getty Images

The first GOP debate was tonight. Jon Stewart's final Daily Show was tonight. But really, in the annals of American culture, tonight was the night selfie expert Kim Kardashian and presidential candidate/excited-face expert Hillary Clinton joined forces. To do both those things at once. 

I'm sorry but my mind is like:


(Of note: Kanye lurking in the background.)

In a way there are no two people less likely to be in the same room/mental space as Hillary Clinton and Kim Kardashian. But then again, Kim K. has been vocal about her HC support, and there was that time Newt Gingrich compared Hill to Kim... 

And, lest we forget, she's *Chillary* these days, people. Maybe this is just what we should come to expect.


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