Kim Kardashian Wants a Boob Job, Now That She's Seen Caitlyn's

Well, okay then.

Kim Kardashian
(Image credit: Getty Images)

It seems that Caitlyn Jenner has some enviable assets. In the newest clip from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim tells Khloé about her on-set visit to Caitlyn's Vanity Fair cover shoot—and how it made her contemplate getting some of her own work done. 

"I went into the closet and she went to change and she was like, 'You can stay in,' and took her off top and had no bra. Her boobs were like Kourtney's like when she first got hers done," Kim tells Khloé in a state of wonder and awe. "Like, it made me want a boob job. Like, the best boobs."

So there's that? Watch the big moment below:

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