Lamar Odom Is Reportedly Able to Communicate

Signs point to his condition improving.

Lamar Odom with two of the Kardashian sisters
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Update, 10/16: Preliminary reports indicate that Lamar Odom has opened his eyes and is able to communicate. 

According to a source speaking with ET, the 35-year-old former NBA star signaled "yes" when asked if he would like to see his children. It is unclear if he spoke or used body language. 

Original story, 10/15: As his estranged wife Khloé Kardashian and her family rally around him, Lamar Odom might be showing signs of improvement, according to a source speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

The insider says Kim Kardashian believes the 35-year-old athlete, who is in a medically induced coma after being found unresponsive Tuesday evening, squeezed her hand. He is also said to have opened his eyes.

ET reports that Odom's kidneys are a concern and that he's been placed on dialysis—he remains in critical condition.

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