Adriana Lima Had the Best Response When Asked If She Ever Dated Justin Bieber

Oh snap.

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Even though Justin Bieber was thousands of miles away at the time of Adriana Lima's shading, he probably still felt an inexplicable urge to apply aloe (you know—for the buuuurn) at the precise moment the supermodel delivered her coup de grâce.

During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen pressed Lima to confirm/deny dating the Biebs, a suggestion she apparently found quite laughable. 

"Anybody below 6'7"—you know what I call them? Friends," the supermodel quipped. (FWIW, her ex Marko Jaric was precisely 6'7".)

Fellow guest Padma Lakshmi saw the bright side, though, saying Bieber's stature would place him right at Lima's chest level.

Watch the clip below to witness the glory that is Lima's zinger, and remember to stay classy, kids.

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