Um, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose Just Took a Selfie Together

The Instagram equivalent of an olive branch.

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Please cast your mind back to last week, a harrowing-yet-beautiful time when Kanye West experienced a breakdown on Twitter due to Wiz Kalifa insulting his new albumWaves (not to be confused with Swish—don't you dare call that thing Swish, guys). 

Kanye's tweets have since been deleted, but the exchange of poetic words got explicit when Amber Rose jumped in to talk about Kanye's sexual preferences.

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At this highly awkward point, we thought the incident was over—but then Kim Kardashian wandered onto Instagram like "LOLOLOLOLOL, look it's me and Amber Rose" (*Note: not actual Instagram caption.)

Um, glad to see everyone is getting along? We'll just be sitting here like ↓ until Kylie Jenner posts a selfie with Blac Chyna. 

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