North West's Reaction to Kim Kardashian's Snapchat? Abject Horror, Basically

"Ugh, mom, stahp."

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Kim Kardashian recently joined Snapchat, which is super exciting for everyone except North West, who now has to deal with yet another camera following her around. And if we know one thing about North, it's that the little lady has zero tolerance for having her photo taken:

Kim's insanely sweet daughter is typically 2 blessed 2 be stressed when it comes to the spotlight, but now she's having to deal with her mom's terrifying experiments on Snapchat (or as she calls it "Chop-Chop").

It's cool, North, we're scared of Snapchat filters too. Specifically the one that make us age. *shudder*

North's face in the above photo is "goals," "everything" and all other relevant cool words, so Snapchat should probably step to the left.

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Mehera Bonner
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