Kim Kardashian on Her "Rivalry" with Kylie

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Sometimes, when Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are feeling down, they'll be like "Hey! Remember when people thought we were competitors because of our similar interests in dry-finish makeup? Sooooo funny, right?"

In a new post on her website, the family's OG beauty-preneur set the record straight about the supposed "rivalry" between her and her younger sister, the thought of which routinely sends them both rolling in the aisles, like so: 


"I think it's amazing—there's no one else I would want to be in the same business with than my sister," she wrote. "She teaches me so much, and I teach her so much, and we're both so close that it's just funny."

However, she said she sometimes does have to call a sister to assess the veracity of a rumor, but she didn't have to do that with this Kylie-kopycat business. Interesting. But also, "Awww."  

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