Thing You'll Want to See Today: Kim Kardashian's Unaired Appearance on 'The Hills'

She talks about Jellyfish, because sure. Why not?

Kim Kardashian
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MTV aired the Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now (opens in new tab) special with Lauren Conrad last night, and anyone watching (i.e. everyone) was likely surprised to see Kim Kardashian make an appearance. Though The Hills is a reality show, and you know what they say: Where there are reality cameras, there is Kim Kardashian.

But back to what matters: In a never-before-seen clip, Kim shows up at Heidi Montag's house for a tour (along with Frankie Delgado and Brody Jenner), and they had an invigorating conversation about Heidi's aquarium.

Kim Kardashian & Heidi Montag having a conversation about an aquarium

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Heidi: "These are our jellyfish. We're the only people in America to have jellyfish."

Kim: "This is really cool. No way."

Shakespeare it is not, but did you know no one else in America had jellyfish pets? Us either.

By the way, Heidi also asked Kim if she was going to the VMAs, and just look at how thrilled Kim was.

Kim Kardashian & Heidi Montag having a conversation

(Image credit: Giphy)

Watch the clip below, courtesy of ET.

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Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

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