Kim Kardashian Now Has Presidential-Level Security Thanks to Some Casual Secret Service Agents

It's been handled.

Kim Kardashian
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Following an attack in Paris that left her bound, gagged, and robbed of a $4.5 million ring, Kim Kardashian has increased her security team to levels befitting a president. The reality star has reportedly hired a boatload of former Secret Service agents (yep, they will be "armed to the teeth"), and at least two bodyguards will be with her everywhere she goes from here on out.

Kim Kardashian

A glimpse at Kim's pre-robbery security.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

According to TMZ, Kim met with ex-special force members of the Israeli army following her attack, as well as ex-CIA agents. Meanwhile, Kanye consulted with the owners of several security firms, while the rest of the family are also actively updating their security detail.

In related news, Kim is now cruising around in an armored car. Fair enough.

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