Kim Kardashian Is Hesitant to "Resume Her Old Life" as Kris Jenner Rallies the Family

"It's a process."—Kris Jenner

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The way Kris Jenner and another source tell it, Kim Kardashian's "much-needed time off" could go on indefinitely, as she continues staying silent on social media, save for a brief return to unfollow some accounts.

Speaking to People, an insider said a "withdrawn" Kardashian "is still having a difficult time" after being held at gunpoint and robbed of millions of dollars of jewelry in Paris earlier this month. "She has zero desire to resume her old life," the source said, noting that the former "social butterfly" now avoids being photographed and has been staying close to her L.A. home.

Kris Jenner echoed that sentiment in an interview with E! during the presentation of Khloé Kardashian's new denim line, saying that she's been "doing what a mother does" by surrounding her daughter with family and making her feel safe.

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We're still holding out hope for a big comeback—even though that's reportedly out of the question—but like Jenner said, "it's a process."

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