While Kim Kardashian Lies Low, Her BFF Shares Throwback Pics from Her Sweet 16

That white BMW, wow.

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She might be spending a more subdued 36th birthday than usual surrounded by family, but Kim Kardashian's Sweet 16 was anything but quiet, as seen in new photos published on her app.

As promised, friends of the star have taken the #content reigns as "Keeks takes some much-needed time off," this installment brought to you by her longtime best friend Allison Statter. "Hey guys, It's hard to believe that 20 years ago, Kim and I were turning 16 and learning how to drive," Statter wrote. "I remember Kim's Sweet 16 so well. Aunt Kris and Uncle Robert hosted a really nice lunch for Kim with all of her friends and family at a popular Italian restaurant called Cicada...How cool that Kim is wearing a vintage slip dress, LOL!"


Other important details from the anecdote: that Kim's dad insisted she didn't need her own car but surprised her with a white BMW anyway, Kim and Kourtney's eyebrows, and just how young everybody looks. Here's to a simpler, happier time.


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