Kim Kardashian Says She's Suffering from Anxiety: "I Want to Take Back My Life"

The reality star sought professional help.

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Kim Kardashian revealed her struggle with anxiety during Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which was filmed prior to her Paris robbery. The star initially told her friend Jonathan Cheban that she gets anxiety when driving (to quote: "I've been having anxiety lately. I am not this person"), and later sat down with her mom, admitting "My mind does go crazy."

Kim ended up talking to a therapist with her sister Kendall Jenner (who suffers from anxiety and sleep paralysis), and said "I think about it all the time, it drives me crazy. I just want to get past my anxiety and live life...I never had anxiety and I want to take back my life."

Kim was able to use some of the therapist's tools to get passed her issues, though it's unclear how she's currently faring given that her robbery left her with traumatic flashbacks.

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