Jennifer Lopez's Massive Light-Show Dress Upstaged Her Performance on 'American Idol'

And then it turned into a jellyfish.

Jennifer Lopez's Massive Light-Show Dress
(Image credit: Youtube)

Jennifer Lopez sang "Feel the Light" from the upcoming movie Home on American Idol last night. The performance was lovely—unless you were the stage, in which case it was terrifying, because J.Lo wore a massive, princess-like gown that swallowed the whole thing.

As it turned out, the dress was magic, too. (Or it was just a projection screen for a trippy but elegant light show.) The gown changed colors and, at one point, even looked like a jellyfish.

Jennifer Lopez sang "Feel the Light" in her magic dress

(Image credit: Youtube)

That is what jellyfish look like, right? Anyway, future bride monsters: Don't get any ideas.

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