How to Fake Quality Time with Family

You can't hide in your room the whole time.

Andrew McLeod
By Eileen Conlan and Lizzie Dunlap

Here are four tips to fake quality-time with the family.

Pretend to have laryngitis: Finally, your chance to channel Holly Hunter in The Piano.

Volunteer to be the family photog: "I take the pictures; I can't be in them!" No one else can operate the digital camera anyway.

Initiate a story-time-style reading of a Christmas classic: No one will ever suspect it's a decoy for together-time without original-content.

Start a snowball fight: Pent-up anger — meet bitchy cousin's new nose.

Bring your Wii: Your competitive family will exert themselves to the point of exhaustion — and then you can have the remote to yourself.

Make cookies with the kids: Of course it was an accident you forgot about they were on a strictly organic diet.


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