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10 Thanksgiving Outfits to Plan Out Before the Tryptophan Kicks In

That damn bird can't be better dressed than you.


Soporific turkey chemicals are no joke, but neither is the all-too-easy copout of an elastic waistband. Resistance is usually futile. To aid in the effort against Thanksgiving becoming a day sloppy in both food and fashion choices, 10 outfit ideas that account for a family-size helping of stuffing ahead.

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Skirt and Sweater

This, instead of pants, may be one of your best choices, mainly because you still get the expandability of an elastic waistband but the elegance of not-sweatpants when it's covered by a jumper. (Though this might persuade you to use button-fly as a deterrent against overeating.)

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Skirt and Sweater, Two Ways

For added camouflage, you could lengthen your top to past the hips. The more fabric for ruching over the evidence of a meal well enjoyed.

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Skirt and Sweater, Way No. 3

And for maximum pie-baby-obscuring ability, just go big and loose. Important notes: same color family, top and bottom, for a more streamlined effect, and sleeves pushed up a) as a visual reminder you still have bones and b) for preventing things that aren't poultry from being dragged through the gravy.

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Wait, a Fourth Way

Bold move wearing a belt on Thanksgiving, but maybe you've got a Marie Claire cover shoot the day after, I don't know. Whatever your plans, there's no denying the turtleneck-and-leather-jacket thing is très cool and slimming. (In a different color, the topper narrows the middle.)

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Another Sweater...with Jeans

You wore going to wear this anyway, but swap out the slippers for slingbacks (a fair-ish trade in comfort, really).

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This One Has a Zipper

As we said about colors a few slides back, the same one worn all the way down the length of your body = taller + did not just pass out face-first into the cranberry sauce. But, like, even if you did, an olive-only ensemble would still look swell.

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And This One Is Shorter

Hard to make your tights-covered legs look bad in a mini. And actually not a bad one if you're arriving straight from travel.

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A *Dress* This Time

Over pants, like you're cosplaying your favorite aunt who makes ceramics and still isn't over Bernie. (Kind of flattering but a little weird if she's there in the same outfit, LOL.)

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And in Case of Emergency, Pt. I

If your plan is to ball out, here's a poncho, which seems to be coming back ever so slowly. Not the sexiest, but what do we care when there is STUFFING?

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In Case of Emergency, Pt. II

I know I said no sweats, but these aren't sweats—they're cool sweats.

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