Introducing The MC 50

Our favorite items of 2023 across fashion, beauty, and culture.

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There's a lot of stuff out in the world: Endless amounts of clothing to shop and skincare products to sample; never-ending lists of shows and movies you'll get around to watching—one day, you swear. Knowing where and what to begin with can feel like a real dilemma of excess. But at Marie Claire, we're experts at parsing through the plethora of options to find what's actually worth your money and attention.

Here, the inaugural MC 50 round-up of everything we loved this year in fashion, beauty, and culture. Discover the standout items in our closets and cabinets and everything else we wholeheartedly recommend, from hard-working wardrobe basics to the novels we couldn't put down.

Wise Wardrobe Investments

They cost a pretty penny, but each of these luxury items is well worth the splurge. Invest in them now and cherish them forever.

Cartier Baignoire 1920 Watch


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"I’d venture to say that this is the hottest watch of 2023. A reissue of a longstanding classic at Cartier, it has all things one would want to make it a buy worth your money: interesting shape, but not too trendy that you’ll tire of it in a year’s time."—Nikki Ogunnaike, Editor-in-Chief

$6,900 at Cartier

Workwear Staples

Now that we're officially back in the office (at least for a few days a week), we've solidified our new post-pandemic work uniforms—and there’s nary an elastic waistband in sight. Here are the outstanding pieces that help us feel polished and professional.

Ganni Black Fitted Drapey Melange Blazer


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"2023 was the year I grew tired of boxy and oversized blazers. I craved powerful peplum silhouettes and the working-woman glamor of an ‘80s Yves Saint Laurent hourglass jacket. While shopping in Bloomingdale’s one day (shopping not online, but in the store—what a concept!), I found this cinched-in style from Ganni. It was there, in the Bloomie’s dressing room on 59th St, where I experienced a rare moment of dressing room euphoria: I had found precisely the blazer I’d been dreaming of."—Emma Childs, Fashion Features Editor

$395 at Ganni

Everyday Essentials

2024 was the year that fashion celebrated items with Real World Wearability—a.k.a. no-fuss basics that women wear to help them power through their days. Here, we hope to do the same by spotlighting the hard-working essentials we reach for daily.

COS The Clean Cut T-Shirt


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"I spent most of my life ignoring the seemingly constant debate over the “perfect white tee,” but at some point, it must’ve bubbled up from my subconscious and compelled me to buy this COS style. Once content with my drug store three-packs, I will now gladly wax poetic over this most basic wardrobe essential. The boxy shape gives this white T-shirt shirt a perfect amount of structure (without stiffness), and the heavyweight cotton makes it so you don’t have to wear anything under it. Even after many-a-cycle in my rickety old washing machine, this t-shirt hasn’t lost any of its crispness."—Lucia Tonelli, Associate Director of Social Media

$45 at COS

Best Foot Forward

From comfy slip-ons to starter heels, these are the standout shoes that came to our rescue this year. Beware: you'll want to keep one sought-after style far away from any thieving Tinder dates.

Maison Margiela Tabi Loafers


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"Margiela’s Tabi Mary Jane became the hottest shoe of 2023 and a viral sensation when a New Yorker had hers stolen by a one-night stand she met on TikTok. Thanks to a band of social media armchair detectives, the thief returned them to their rightful owner. But fashion admirers took heed, and soon, the polarizing style was out of stock. But the year’s shoe style doesn’t just come in Mary Janes; they come in ballet flats, boots, and my favorite style: the loafer. The camel toe style is a big-time conversation starter, but contrary to what you might think, it’s one of the most comfortable footwear options I own."—S.Holz.

$990 at Net-a-Porter

Final Touches

These outfit-finishing accessories helped us leave the house feeling complete and eager to tackle our days, wherever they took us.

gorjana Diamond Wilder Bracelet


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"Thanks to this staple purchase, I've learned that when it comes to bracelet stacking, there are no rules. It all started with the daintier Classic Diamond Bracelet from gorjana, a Southern California-based jewelry brand known for its effortless styles that are intentionally designed to mix, match, and layer. I loved its simplicity but looked at the Wilder bracelet to expand my collection. Its bolder chain brings the oomph. I sometimes stack it with a paperclip chain and throw in a bangle to liven up any outfit, but day-to-day I wear it solo and let its quiet elegance shine on its own."—T.B.K.

$585 at gorjana

Skincare Saviors

Everyone’s skin deserves some T.L.C. Here are the products we pampered ourselves with to make our skin as radiant and cared for as can be.

NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device


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"Let me make it plain: I have birthed two children, and the skin around my arms, waist, and booty haven’t been the same. I’ve tried almost every cream, serum, and moisturizer on the market, and while I have a few favorites, there’s nothing that gives me firmer, more supple skin than this device. It’s actually quite magical how the four spheres sculpt and define my skin. I’m gifting this to all my mom besties. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving."—Deena Campbell, Beauty Director

$399 at NuFace

Holy Grail Products

Just as you need a capsule wardrobe, you need a tight edit of go-to beauty products. These are makeup items we swear by.

Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Plumping Blush Veil


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"I’ve tried well over 100 new makeup launches in 2023, but this blush is by far my favorite to enter the beauty orbit. It has a creamy texture and sheer finish that brings a soft flush to my cheeks. The formula itself is packed with hyaluronic acid and pearlescent pigments to create a plumped-up, slightly luminous finish. I like to apply it with my fingers, but a brush will provide a more intense pigment payoff."—S.Hol.

$30 at Sephora

Feel-Good Finds

In 2023, we redefined what wellness meant to us. We aren’t interested in new fitness routines or cure-all smoothie recipes. Instead, we’re focusing on what helped us feel and be our best in a well-rounded sense.

HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket


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"I would love to tell you that I'm in the sauna every time I visit my gym or favorite spa, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I love the sauna experience because it increases blood flow and circulation like no other, but there's something about it that makes me feel like I should be doing something else. It's as if sitting there, relaxing, and detoxing isn't enough. Thankfully, I can use this infrared sauna blanket at home, while reading, or answering emails, and I walk away feeling rejuvenated and accomplished."—D.C.

$699 at HigherDose

What We Read

It’s tricky and perhaps near impossible to find the time to read for pleasure in our day-to-day. These incredible, hard-to-put-down books, however, made it all the easier.

The Vaster Wilds by Lauren Groff


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"This story of survival felt like an awakening on what it means to adapt. It follows the journey of a young girl who escaped a colonial settlement in the early 1600s. And the last line? My god, it took my breath away."—A.S.

$17 at Amazon

What We Watched

Our favorite movies and TV series from the year, from absurdist comedies to tear-jerking, what-could-have-been love stories.

Past Lives


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"Celine Song's film is like a love song without the lyrics: beautiful, devastating, and emotional while never tipping into cliché. About childhood friends and the invisible strings that pull them toward each other, Past Lives delivers a poignant meditation about fate and how the greatest love stories aren't always sweeping 'meant-to-be' narratives rooted in grandiose boom-box-over-your-head-at-the-window type acts. Instead, the first-time filmmaker argues they are often defined by the ordinary choices that lead you down a path. Song's subtle storytelling paired with Greta Lee's elegant, career-defining performance as Nora is proof that doing less can be more and will allow viewers to rewatch the instant classic many times over, gaining new, heartbreaking insights each time."—N.P.

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