Look Out, World: Jennifer Lopez and Giuseppe Zanotti Are Debuting a Shoe Collection

Good luck walking a mile in these.

Like our very own Nina Garcia or North West, Jennifer Lopez too dresses shoes first. Now, given her collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti, she'll have 18 new styles built to her exact specifications to choose from.

Billed as "Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez," the capsule collection will range between $795 and $1,995, which is perhaps quite reasonable for a piece of J.Lo's singular, spangly taste. In fact, the anti-sexter was so hands-on in the design process that she not only advised on fabrics and embellishments and approved prototypes, but she also persuaded Zanotti to include bags, WWD reports.

Those snakeskin lace-ups and diamanté booties will roll out January 2017, so maybe be extra good this holiday season and ask Santa for cold, hard cash only.

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Chelsea Peng
Chelsea Peng

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