Guy's Weekend At The Beach

Just wanted to let you know I'm having some adventures at Dewey Beach Delaware this weekend for the Labor Day holiday. It's our annual guy's weekend-- all my buddies from college: no girls allowed unless we meet them during the trip.

We are obviously not that hardcore. A couple of us are married and one of us has a live-in girlfriend. And, aside from a few random adventures, we usually strike out. We also never make it to the actual beach-- we play wiffle ball and grill all day. It's amazing. It's important for us to get this time together, but as more of us get serious with girlfriends and wives, it's tougher to get together.

My one friend and I are the the single guy sacrificial lambs. So the rest of the guys are pushing for us to get stupid. I realized how few things I have to wear when I tried to pack. it's pretty depressing.I packed my pheromone infused body wash, but last nightwe ended up at the predominantly gay beach town to visit our friend. Luckily, none of the guys picked up the pheremone scent...or the pheromones didn't even help me in the gay bars. Perhaps it was the fact that I decided to try to "impress" the gay guys in the bar by singing WHAM's "Wake Me Up" on the karaoke. No one was impressed, despite my accompanying dance.

A waitress who works at the restaurant where my friend manages told me that she just graduated University of Delaware and likes to "makeout with other girls" when she's drunk. I bought her so many shots last night, but sadly it never happened. I did my best.

So the trip's going well, and the big day is the all day drinkfest at the Starboard on Sunday. Wish me luck...and you all have a fun, safe Labor Day weekend. I'll update you on my adventures upon my return.

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