Gigi Hadid Had an Emotional Response to the Las Vegas Shooting

"This isn't the first shooting, and not the first deaths."

Getty Images

Since Sunday night's tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, celebrities have been speaking out, sharing support for those affected by the event. Gigi Hadid was one of them. She tweeted that her heart was broken by the news.

Gigi wasn't just moved to show her support for the victims of the shooting—she took the opportunity to call for stricter gun control laws. In a reply to her original tweet on the subject, she wrote about the ease with which people get access to guns in America.

And, when another user challenged her stance by pointing out that the gun used in the shooting is illegal and not available for purchase, Gigi didn't ignore the information or back down. She acknowledged the user and the tweet, but pointed out that this is far from the first instance of gun violence in the U.S.

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