16 Photos of Gigi Hadid You Never Knew Were Photoshopped—Until Now

Can you spot what's missing?

Model Gigi Hadid is known for showing off her beautiful moles on Instagram, as she damn right should. 

Regardless of how much she embraces her moles on social media, though, they've been Photoshopped off in several magazine spreads and ads. 

Here are 16 times Gigi's moles were airbrushed off her stomach for no reason: 

1. Victoria's Secret Pink, 2015 

2. Victorias Secret Pink, 2015 

3. Sports Illustrated, 2015

4. Sports Illustrated, 2015

5. Sports Illustrated, 2015

6. Sports Illustrated, 2015

7. Sports Illustrated, 2014

8. Sports Illustrated, 2014

9. Sports Illustrated, 2014

10. Sports Illustrated, 2014

11. Sports Illustrated, 2014

12. Sports Illustrated, 2014

13. Sports Illustrated, 2014

14. Sports Illustrated, 2014

15. Schön, 2014

16. Rony Alwin Photo Shoot, 2013

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