Chrissy Teigen Shared the Cutest Photos of Miles and Luna on Instagram

You probably won't guess Chrissy's word for "baby feet."

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I'm going to be upfront with you: this article is solely dedicated to just how cute Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's children, Luna Simone and Miles Theodore, are on Instagram (Chrissy's Instagram, that is. As of yet they have not made their social media debuts.)

Over the past few days, Chrissy posted three unreasonably adorable photos: one of Luna politely awaiting her food, one of Chrissy's mom, Vilailuck Teigen, pushing the kids in a shopping cart, and most recently, one of baby Miles with his feet on the table. "cannot explain how much I love baby feet (AKA “piggies” in this household) GIMME THOSE PIGS," Chrissy captioned the latter. Seriously, are Luna and Miles always this unrelentingly cute? Why aren't my baby photos this adorable, instead of disproportionately depicting me asleep with my hands firmly wedged inside a bag of chips?

Honestly, Chrissy's feed has been on top adorable form lately, gifting us countless cute insights into the Teigen-Legend household. Takelast week's snap of Miles clutching a half-eaten piece of pizza, for instance, tomato on his bib and the happiest of smiles on his face.

And then there was Chrissy, John and Luna's recent venture into chocolate making (or, in the former's words, "Chrissy Wonka and the chocolate factory"), all thoroughly documented on Chrissy's Instagram story, as Us Weekly reports. A highlight? John introducing the "very novel concept" of "chocolate together with peanuts, and caramel and nougat." Sure, Chrissy might have pointed out that it sounds an awful lot like a Snickers, but we believe in you and your future in innovative confectionary, John!

Plus, who can forget Luna's hilarious star turn in a video earlier this month, in which mom and kids played at running/frequenting a restaurant? Firstly, the three-year-old demonstrated her superlative beverage taste, ordering "some orange juice, and some water and some wine" to accompany her pretend salmon. Then, when Chrissy attempted to charge her the frankly extortionate $20, Luna exclaimed, "What the?!" Delightful, these children! Utterly delightful!

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