Chrissy Teigen's Friends Donated Blood in Honor of Baby Jack

Chrissy Teigen's friends donated seven pints of blood in honor of Teigen and John Legend's son Jack, who died during Teigen's pregnancy.

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  • Chrissy Teigen's friends donated blood in honor of Teigen and John Legend's son Jack, who died during Teigen's pregnancy.
  • Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees and six of her friends donated blood, to match the seven pints of blood Teigen received in hospital.
  • "Phewwwww the tears. I’m overwhelmed by our circle of friends," Teigen wrote on Instagram.

Chrissy Teigen said she was "overwhelmed" after a moving gesture by her friend Kimmie Kyees: Kyees and six of her friends donated blood in honor of Jack, the son Teigen lost in the midst of her pregnancy. Celebrity manicurist Kyees and her friends each donated a pint of blood, to match the seven pints Teigen was given in hospital.

"Ok, I tried writing this 4 times but the tears were too much. Here we go again, with my heart full of warmth and happiness," Teigen captioned an Instagram video. "My friend @kimmiekyees sent me this with the caption 'Me and 6 of my friends donated blood to replace the 7 pints you were given in the hospital, in honor of baby Jack. I love you friend.'"

"Phewwwww the tears. I’m overwhelmed by our circle of friends. The love I feel for each and every person in our circle actually makes me ache," Teigen continued. "@kimmiekyees, I’ve known you for so many years now. You know every story, you hear every life gripe, you’re amazing at what you do but the way you treat my kids and family is cherished always. To do something like this for baby jack is just...I dunno. Beautiful."

On her own Instagram account, Kyees wrote, "Yesterday I was blessed to have 6 friends show up to help me put together a gift for my dear friends @chrissyteigen @johnlegend & their beautiful family.. the 7 of us donated blood in honor of baby Jack !!" She urged her followers to give blood too, noting that donations have declined as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. "I would like to challenge those of you who can.. to go out and donate where ever you live!! Encourage friends and family to come along .. going together really made the whole experience so special and even fun !!!!" she wrote. Want to donate? Click here to find a blood center near you.


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