Why People Think Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Named Their Daughter After Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus basically confirmed it...

Good afternoon! We're here to talk about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's baby name, because apparently it might...not be Willa? Like, it might be Hannah, after Hannah Montana. At least that's what fans are speculating based on a note from Miley Cyrus.

Basically, Miley sent Joe and Sophie a giant Hannah Montana-themed flower sculpture to celebrate the show's 15-year anniversary, and Joe went ahead and posted a video of it on Instagram. Inevitably, everyone paused and zoomed in on Miley's note, which reads:

“To: Joe & Sophie! It was so sweet of you to name your daughter after me! Sending all my love to little Miss Hannah Montana! Love, Hannah Montana.”

Um, what now? Joe and Sophie are incredibly private about their baby, but since July 2020, the world has been operating under the assumption that their daughter is named WillaTMZ broke this news when they revealed that Sophie had given birth, simply stating in an update: "We're told the baby's name is Willa." And then Us Weekly confirmed as much, with a source revealing “Willa isn’t a family name and isn’t short for anything. [It] is a name they had picked out a while ago before the baby’s arrival.”

Both Hannah and Willa are obviously cute names, but either way, Twitter is in a state of confusion:

I mean...it's entirely possible Willa's middle name is Hannah, or this is just a joke between Joe, Miley, and Sophie. Just saying!

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