Gigi Hadid Goes on a Weird Post-Op Adventure in Calvin Harris' New Video for "How Deep Is Your Love"

It's waaay trippy.

In search of a muse for his new "How Deep Is Your Love" video, Calvin Harris looked no further than girlfriend Taylor Swift's girl squad, choosing her BFF and supermodel-on-the-rise Gigi Hadid for the starring role. In the video, the 19-year-old goes on a trippy adventure after waking up on a surgical table...

Her escapades include but are not limited to yachting around the ocean with a decidedly Real Houswives-worthy crowd, a slow-mo Fast Times at Ridgment High-style pool exit, getting circled by a motorcycle gang, and dancing around a beach bonfire. You know, typical post-op stuff. 

And all the painkiller-induced madness goes down set to Harris's groovy club banger—a collaboration with electronic trio Disciples featuring Norwegian songstress Ina Wroldsen on vocals—which, somehow, makes perfect sense to us. 

Watch the video in full here:

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