Chrissy Teigen Asked President Obama for Baby-Name Advice

Oh, you used a mere name book? How tragic.

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Barack Obama wears many hats (Kendrick Lamar fan-boy (opens in new tab), Grammy winner, President of the USA/our hearts), and his latest is the ability to morph into an IRL baby name book. Consider him the human incarnation of Babble, only also running our country. 

Chrissy Teigen used Obama's talents for help naming her own baby, a fact she revealed during The Late Show. "I asked Barack—we're like very first name basis—I asked President Obama if he liked one of our name choices and he said he did," she told Stephen Colbert. "I realized, I should have come up with two so he could pick one, because you know, you've got to be nice about it if you give someone a name."

Who wouldn't use their time with Barak Obama to discuss baby names, right? These things are important. Plus, Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, don't agree on the chosen moniker for their little girl, which pretty much makes Obama an unofficial marriage counselor.

"I wanted to ask him because John isn't sold on the name so I figured if [the President] liked it, then John would be sold on it," Chrissy explained. "He says it's too Hollywood."

Honestly, if Obama okays the name Saint Ivy Otter, it'll be the greatest thing he's done for this country.

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