Get Shiny Hair Now

What can I do to make my hair look shinier?

That depends on your hair type. If your hair's curly, chances are it's dull because of dryness. Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and apply four to six drops of a silicone-based shine serum to your wet tresses. If it's wavy, lather up with a shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Rinse well, then spritz a silicone-based shine-enhancing spray from ends to roots. Dry hair using a blow dryer with a tapered nozzle to direct air down the hair shaft and seal the cuticle. If your hair's straight, it could be accumulating shine-dulling grease, since straight hair hangs flat against the scalp, where oil is produced. Be sure to use a deep-cleaning shampoo daily and a clarifying gel treatment, like J.F. Lazartigue's Propolis Jelly Scalp Treatment, weekly.

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