Ruby Rose on What Really Happened with Khloé Kardashian After Their Twitter Disagreement

A lesson in diplomacy.

Ruby Rose
(Image credit: Getty)

After Chloë Grace Moretz entered the fray and Khloé Kardashian took the hole-y road in retaliation (opens in new tab) (so sorry, so many accents), Ruby Rose jumped to the former's defense. Now, in a Twitter rant that's actually pretty measured for a Twitter rant (opens in new tab), she's setting the record straight on what happened with Kardashian after the final keystroke.

She opens with some vague, Kumbaya stuff.

Then reveals that she and Khloé "Animal Instinct" Kardashian (opens in new tab) have reached an understanding.

Then, after some blocking of trolls, she logged off...maybe for good??

If so, it won't be the first time Twitter has claimed a celebrity (opens in new tab)only to have him/her say "Surprise, i'm back" a short time later (opens in new tab).

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