Tried & True: Frédéric Fekkai Salon Glaze

For those times when hair unexpectedly turns from shiny and manageable to limp and lackluster, Elizabeth Dehn has a secret weapon.

Frederic Feakki Salon Glaze
(Image credit: Archives)

Every once in a while, I look in the mirror and hardly recognize my own hair. In a hot second, it can turn from shiny and manageable to limp and lackluster. This should come as no surprise, really, considering the heat-styling and product-testing I put my tresses through on a near-daily basis.

This time, after I hemmed and hawed and tried the usual suspects — switching shampoos, skipping shampoos, adding more conditioner, getting a trim — without avail, I remembered what I'd stowed in the back of my beauty closet: Frédéric Fekkai Salon Glaze (opens in new tab) ($28). Applied to damp hair after conditioning, then rinsed out a few minutes later, this at-home treatment imparts the insane shine of a professional glaze. Magically, it feels creamy but never weighs down my long, fine hair, just restores it to its god-given glory. I really should use it on a more regular basis, but something tells me I've been hoarding it so that I'll never have to be without.

Elizabeth Dehn is the editor-in-chief of Beauty Bets (opens in new tab), an award-winning blog chock-full of product reviews, wellness tips, and DIY ideas.