26 Fall Outfit Ideas for Women to Copy

These stylish looks require little to no effort.

fall fashion
(Image credit: Jeremy Moeller)

If summer is for showing off how great you look without a lot of clothing, fall is for (opens in new tab) demonstrating what you can do with your wardrobe. It's time to burrow into your oversize fuzzy sweaters (opens in new tab) and wear the same pair of blue jeans (opens in new tab) Monday-Friday. Fall fashion means figuring out how to layer without looking like an overstuffed penguin, and for revisiting your favorite transitional-weather gear, from chunky ankle boots (opens in new tab) to classic trench coats. (opens in new tab) We're going to show you how to easily recreate street-style stars' autumn outfits with minimal effort. We've also thrown in some quick styling tips, so you'll be ready for whatever the fall of 2022 throws at you.

Sara Holzman
Style Director

Sara Holzman is the Style Director at Marie Claire, covering runway trends and tracking down the latest finds to buy and wear. When she’s not writing about fashion, she pens about the best places to jet-off to.