Meghan Markle Will Attend a Garden Party for Her First Event as a Newlywed

But not just any garden party...

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What's more fitting for a new royal than tea and flowers (opens in new tab)? Meghan Markle will attend her first official event as a royal at a garden party for the Prince of Wales' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration on May 22—just three days after the royal wedding (opens in new tab).

The Queen is throwing her son, Prince Charles, a party at Buckingham Palace with friends, family, and—wait for it—400 charities to honor the work "close to his heart." It's an opportunity for him to thank the organizations for their work over the years, according to the Telegraph (opens in new tab). Yes, we're talkin' big hats (opens in new tab), tea, and lots of flowers.

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By this time we'll know Harry and Meghan's official title (opens in new tab) as a royal couple, the tiara she chose (opens in new tab), and of course the gorgeous dress she wore on her big day (opens in new tab). Taking bets on which floral dress Meghan will wear to the occasion before she heads on her honeymoon with Harry (opens in new tab).