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Superbad director Greg Mottola's newest film Adventureland (on DVD Aug. 25) follows recent college graduate James (Jesse Eisenberg) as he spends his summer manning a game booth at a rundown amuseument park instead of embarking on his dream post-grad Eurotrip. But James' summer takes a promising turn as he pursues fellow carnie Emily (Kristen Stewart) and learns to loosen up. Along with ringer tees and copious amounts of weed, the film features a clutch '80s soundtrack with songs from iconic artists like the Cure and Husker Du.

Here are some other movie soundtracks we love:

The Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson's film about a dysfunctional family of eccentrics has a soundtrack with character. With a dreamy, harp-heavy score and soulful, melancholy songs, this soundtrack illustrates perfectly the weird, wonderful world of the Tenenbaums.

Download now: "Police & Thieves" by The Clash, "Lindbergh Palace Suite" by Mark Mothersbaugh

The Virgin Suicides

The two soundtracks to this wistful adaptation of Jeffery Eugenides' dark novel rely on brooding instrumentals by French duo Air and '70s pop hits to stir up memories of adolescent longing and high school angst.

Download now: "Playground Love" by Air and "Crazy On You" by Heart


This low-budget love story about two star-crossed musicians is centered on an award-winning soundtrack of devastating and beautiful songs by stars Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. If you're desperate for a sequel, check out their real-life collaborative album The Swell Season.

Download now: "Lies" by Glen Hansard, "When Your Mind's Made Up" by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

Marie Antoinette

The soundtrack of Sophia Coppola's 18th-century period film about the famous French queen effortlessly combines concertos with '80s hits. Add in perennial hipster favorites The Strokes and you've got a timeless album that jumps from royal ball to skate park.

Download now: "Ceremony" by New Order, "Natural's Not In It" by Gang of Four

Almost Famous

This Grammy-winning rock 'n roll soundtrack of '70s classics like The Who and Led Zeppelin is youthful and nostalgic –just like the movie, which chronicles the exploits of a teenage Rolling Stone journalist.

Download now: "The Wind" by Cat Stevens, "I'm Waiting For The Man (cover)" by David Bowie

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