65 Pixie Cuts for Every Kind of Hair Texture

Go short or go home (but don't actually leave—we love you).

pixie cuts
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Listen, we understand that a pixie cut can seem like a terrifying style to try, but we feel the need to remind you that not only will you automatically look like a badass baller, but you'll also be in the company of 60-plus celebrities who have already taken a chance on a pair of scissors. Trust us, rocking a fresh new pixie cut is the best way to spice up an ordinary 'do for 2020. From an icy white short crop to a sleek and molded pixie, we're here to provide you with the most mesmerizing cuts of all time. Prepare to scroll, stop, screenshot, and save these stunning styles for your next salon visit. P.S. We won't be offended if you pause mid-way to call your stylist.